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Your Smile is Our Commitment

At G∙Smile∙Care, we’re committed to creating an honest and positive dental care experience. We take the time to build relationships and provide patient education, giving our patients the confidence they need to make informed choices about their oral health.


We Know What'll Keep Our Patients Smiling.

Unsure what procedure you'll need? Our caring staff is trained to keep you informed and supported every step of the way.

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Est. Duration of Service:
30 - 60 minutes
General Dentistry Logo

General Dentistry

Includes routine checkups and exams, dental teeth cleanings and fillings, and Invisalign.
Est. Duration of Service:
2 - 3 appointments
Crown and Bridge icon

Crown & Bridge

Our porcelain crowns and bridges help strengthen a damaged tooth or fill in spaces between teeth. We never use dark metal near the gumline for optimal aesthetics.
Est. Duration of Service:
2 - 3 visits
Dental Veneers icon

Dental Veneers

Whether you want to subtly improve the appearance of one tooth or get a picture-perfect smile, porcelain dental veneers can be tailored to achieve the look you desire.
Est. Duration of Service:
20 - 40 minutes
Tooth Extraction Icon

Tooth Extractions

When a tooth causes pain or discomfort, we’ll examine the tooth and recommend the best treatment options for you. Teeth that cannot be saved and require extraction will be removed by our team with precision and care.
Est. Duration of Service:
45 - 90 minutes
Bone Grafting Icon

Bone Grafting

When a tooth is lost, a bone grafting procedure will help preserve the bone in the site. This maintains sufficient bone in the area to support a future implant, denture, or partial.
Est. Duration of Service:
3 - 6 weeks
Dentures and Partials icon

Dentures & Partials

With options such as full dentures, partials, and flexible partial dentures, we’ll help you find the best option to fit your needs.
Est. Duration of Service:
30 - 90 minutes
Teeth Whitening Icon

Teeth Whitening

At-Home and In-Office whitening solutions, along with the KOR Deep Bleaching System allow us to provide various options to fit your needs and budget. Additionally, all patients may qualify for free whitening for life.
Est. Duration of Service:
5 to 12 months
Dental Implants Icon

Dental Implants

With expertise in planning, surgery, and tooth restoration, dental implants offer one of the best ways to replace a missing tooth or add stability to a denture or partial.
Est. Duration of Service:
45 - 60 minutes
Icon Resin Infiltration Icon

Icon Resin Infiltration

A simple and minimally invasive way of treating white spots by filling in de-calcified areas of the tooth. There is no unnecessary drilling needed!
Est. Duration of Service:
2 visits
Removable Appliances Icon

Removable Appliances

Custom-fabricated TMJ splints, nightguards, day guards, NTI, and snoring appliances help treat a variety of symptoms.
Est. Duration of Service:
10 - 15 minutes
Oral Cancer Screenings Icon

Oral Cancer Screenings

We’ll perform a thorough dental examination to look for signs of oral cancer or precancerous conditions in your mouth. Early detection is key!


Dental Insurance We Accept

We are in-network providers with the following insurance companies:

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We offer in-house financial plans and member benefits. All patients may qualify for a lifetime of free whitening. Just ask us!

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